Keep your customers safe and exceed their expectations with usecure

IT security is becoming more important by the day. And as it turns out, humans are the weakest link when it comes to that security. That is what usecure is for. Usecure is training software that teaches people to work more securely so that they can prevent data leaks and recognise and avoid phishing.Do you have a client who needs more information security within his organisation? Offer them usecure. Want to try it yourself first? You can do so via the link below.

More sales and happy customers

In addition to your "regular" IT work, offering usecure is icing on the cake for your customers. By providing security software and preventing problems they will be eternally grateful. In addition, it's a great way to earn extra revenue for yourself.

De handige kenmerken van usecure

Usecure consists of videos, training, and information to raise awareness about information security among your clients' employees and colleagues. Topics that recur are:


- Awareness of risks and consequences

- Educating employees about information security

The cost of usecure

Usecure is priceless. The software teaches your clients' employees to work more securely in a fun way. No more personal data lying around, no more phishing clicks and above all: peace of mind and control in your client's mind.

Now concretely - usecure is free for you as an MSP, also for internal use. However, you may resell usecure to your customers.

Learn more about usecure during a free consultation

Want to know more about what usecure can do for you and your clients? Book a meeting with me and I'll explain it to you.

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