Information Security

Finding a partner in information security

is just as difficult as keeping your organization safe.

And as the person in charge of your company, you know that better than anyone. No stress: you have now found the right person who knows everything about information security, and who shares that knowledge with you. I make you ready to get your ISO and NEN certificates.

I take care of everything that is involved. I take you step by step to avoid the paper tiger, while we cleverly implement ISO in your daily processes. ISO becomes a valuable addition that is also easy to maintain after implementation. I help you achieve:

  • ISO270001
  • ISO27701
  • ISO9001
  • NEN7510

ISO within 100 days - do you take the dare?

You want to get ISO done quickly and right, right? That's why, along with you, I want to go for my self-initiated 100-day challenge. That is, if you're up to it. 

Together we will work hard to get your ISO in order within 100 days. By planning this tough deadline we prevent you from looking forward to it and postponing it. That will not help anyone. Do you dare to get your ISO within 100 days?

Wise lessons in the form of a workshop

We can throw a beautiful document full of theory over the fence at you, but you won't learn anything from that. You do learn from putting theory into practice: in the form of short workshops. At your own pace. Per workshop we discuss a topic, and you discover everything about that particular subject.

In addition, we get to work together in practice. We look at how we can smoothly integrate all ISO/NEN requirements into your daily work, step by step, so that they don't get in each other's way.

Do you still have to arrange things before we get started? No, I do that for you. Think of a collaboration environment, the documents and the project management.

Do you have questions during the implementation? You ask them all to me via Teams. I'm there for you to answer them.

You will be assisted by a Lead Auditor: success guaranteed

As a certified Lead Auditor myself who was responsible for a large ICT company and someone who helps MSPs, I know how important information security has become. In fact, you really can't do without it anymore. Your customers expect a certain level of information security from you.

Can't you prove that you have that level of security? Then they'll go with someone else. You don't want to miss out on those customers, so it's time to do what you've been dreading for a while: get the required certifications. Do you dread the reams of text and the tricky requirements? No worries: I'll help you out.

Here's how it works when we work together to get your information security in order

I guide you from start to finish. In addition to the guidance, you will receive numerous tools. Think of a management system, templates, sample documents and a management system focused on ICT services. This way you always have super handy documents at your fingertips.

If we enter into a collaboration, it will look something like this:

1. Introduction, plan of action and explain all requirements things information security.

2. Context and stakeholder analysis, discuss risk analysis, draw up treatment plan.

3. Make information security policy final, go through treatment plan.

4. Conduct internal audit and discuss audit results.

5. Intensive readiness for certification.

6. Congratulations! You have achieved the certification.

Time to get your ISO/NEN certifications

Assure your potential customers of their safety and they will choose you. Together we will go for getting your certificates, so you can continue to grow with your organization.

Working together? Then I promise you the following:

1. I'm here for all your questions - from the bitter beginning to the sweet end.

2. We'll keep going until we get the results we want.

3. ISO is smartly implemented into your daily processes and easy to maintain.

Let me know if and how I can help you. All you have to do is schedule a free appointment with me.

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