You want to grow your ICT business, but...

... you doubt that you know how to pull that off. You didn't start your business just to be busy with your business, but your love for technology. Yet you want to take the next step. Professionalize. Get higher with your business. You're looking for someone with real-world experience and the knowledge to grow your business. More, better and more professional than it is now.

I know someone like that

Because I am like that With years of experience in IT at large organizations and my own business, I know exactly how to grow your business. That business knowledge and skills I love to share with you, because I know what having your own company means to you: everything.

Let's get to know each other. 

Just to see what I can do to help you. We do this during a pleasant and free introductory meeting. Plan it right away. The introductory meeting is completely non-binding.

Determine your final destination and route

What we will do together:

We create a plan and a division of tasks and roles.

We determine the objectives and KPIs.

If necessary, I create a dashboard for you and map out processes so that your growth remains manageable.

Is that in place? Then it's time for the next step: integrating our campaign plan into your daily operations.

The day-to-day operations continue to run smoothly, while we make steps upwards.

Standing still

is going backwards

It sounds crazy, but I wish I had run into myself when I started my own IT company. Literally. It would have saved me a lot of energy, time and money if I had someone to coach me. Who showed me the way as an ICT entrepreneur. That's why I now help other ICT entrepreneurs and MSPs to grow.


Are you using Autotask, but feel like you're missing opportunities with it? I will teach you the tricks and secrets of the program, so you can

the extensive possibilities of Autotask to the fullest. This way you will gain and keep more control, turnover and you will reach your goals with flying colors.

Information Security

The security and safety of your business has never been more important. Even more so: it is becoming increasingly important. So make sure it is in order, for you and your customers. No administrative battles, but ISO that is cleverly designed into your daily processes. I will help you get all the ISO/NEN certifications you need.

Gone is the hourly bill, hello to MSP.

Less administrative hassle, a closer partnership with your customer and more consistency for you? Move from break-fix to MSP. Become your clients' go-to IT professional. I teach you to become one.

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