Dxfferent Autotask & MSP Knowledge

Exact connection Autotask

There are a number of smart links available from ApplicatieLink that make working with Exact even more efficient. The couplings that ApplicatieLink offers for Exact are as follows:

  • Autotask to Exact Globe – Accounts synchronization
  • Autotask to Exact Online – Accounts synchronization
  • Autotask to Exact Globe – Invoice
  • Autotask to Exact Globe – Purchase
  • Autotask to Exact Online – Invoice
  • Autotask to Exact Online – Procurement
  • Exact Online to Autotask – Payment date
  • Autotask to Exact Globe – Account synchronization

This integration synchronizes account data (customers and in some cases also suppliers and prospects) between Autotask and Exact Globe. If accounts already exist in both solutions, it is important to first establish a connection between two similar accounts before using the integration to update accounts. When running this solution, non-existing accounts are automatically created at the final destination. We currently have one option available for these 2 solutions: Autotask to Exact Globe.

Benefits of this connection

  • A fixed monthly fee despite the number of accounts transferred to or updated in Exact Globe.
  • Update your CRM database in just one solution.
  • Saves different departments a lot of time.
  • No more differences between accounts in different solutions, always the right information available.

Autotask to Exact Online – Accounts synchronization

This integration is almost identical to Exact Globe, only for these 2 solutions both options are available: Autotask to Exact Online or Exact Online to Autotask.

Autotask to Exact Globe – Invoice

Do you no longer want to transfer invoices, created in Autotask, manually to Exact Globe? Then consider using this solution developed by ApplicatieLink. As always, you must first go through the full invoicing process in Autotask (Approve and book -> Items to be invoiced). The integration will transfer invoices from the Autotask invoice history to Exact Globe as sales orders (sales invoices). You can do this manually or fully automated (scheduled). Relevant information from each invoice line will be transferred to Exact Globe.

The integration offers a huge number of link settings to optimize the user experience and influence the end result in Exact Globe. After each transfer, a log can be viewed on our platform or via email. This log shows you the number of invoices successfully transferred and/or failed (including the reason why). To minimize the number of failed invoice transfers, you need to coordinate certain aspects between Autotask and Exact Globe, such as accounts, invoice codes / items / general ledger codes, tax and payment terms.

Benefits of this connection

  • A fixed monthly fee despite the number of invoices transferred to Exact Globe.
  • Saves the finance department a lot of time.
  • Every important detail of an invoice in Autotask is transferred to Exact Globe.
  • Also for these Autotask invoices you can now process payments and send reminders from Exact Globe.

Autotask to Exact Globe – Purchase

When you use the purchase order process in Autotask, you now create purchase orders manually in Exact Globe and you probably find it a hassle to check the incoming invoice from your supplier for units and unit costs. Then this solution might be for you! This integration creates purchase orders in Exact Globe for each of the goods receipts on purchase orders in Autotask. This allows your finance department to directly verify incoming purchase invoices related to stock items with quantities received in Autotask without having to open both applications, as well as manually re-enter purchase information.

Benefits of this link

  • A fixed monthly fee despite the number of purchase entries made in Exact Globe.
  • Every detail of a goods receipt in Autotask that you need to check the purchase invoice is transferred.
  • Checking incoming invoices from suppliers becomes a lot easier.

Autotask to Exact Online – Invoice

See the information mentioned with Exact Globe, this also applies to this link.

Autotask to Exact Online – Purchase

See the information in Exact Globe which also applies for this link.

Exact Online to Autotask – Payment date

In addition to the invoice integration between Autotask & Exact Online we have developed the “Date of Payment” integration. Through this separate solution it is possible to add a date of payment. This allows employees, who normally don’t have access to Exact Online, to quickly and easily see in Autotask which invoices are not yet paid.

Benefits of this connection

  • A fixed monthly fee, despite the number of invoices that have been checked in Exact Online and marked as paid in Autotask.
  • Dramatically reduces the time between colleagues to share payment information.
  • Autotask users no longer need to access Exact Online to check if a customer has outstanding invoices.